KANJIDIC2 - What's New

I'll try and keep a record of the changes here. To see who has contributed to the file, the most complete record is in the KANJIDIC documentation.

Fourth Version (2004-02) 14 August 2004

Added the kanji itself as a UTF8-encoded character. (Change to the DTD.)
Added the index numbers from the 3rd Edition of The Guide to Reading & Writing Japanese edited by Henshall, Seeley & De Groot. Thanks to James Rose for providing these.
Added the Portuguese meanings for most of JIS X 0208. Thanks to Markus Pristovsek and Wladimir Carvalho.

Third Version (2004-01) 11 March 2004

The major change has been the addition of meanings in German for all the JIS X 0208 kanji, in addition to the Spanish meanings for several thousand kanji mentioned below. These have been contributed by Hans-Joerg Bibiko and Gabriel Sanroman respectively. (As a by-product German and Spanish editions of the legacy KANJIDIC file are now available.)

There has also been a lot of editing of the English fields, mainly to make them more consistent. Thanks to Jimmy Snyder for excellent proof-reading.

Second Version (2003-3) 29 July 2003

A few things have happened here:

Initial Public Release (2003-2) 20 July 2003

Well, nothing is new in this, since it's the first public version.

The extra information that was not found in prior KANJIDIC/KANJD212 releases is:

July 2003