Macintosh Dictionary Information

A Mac version of EDICT2 is generated daily and is available on the ftp site. A discussion occurred in 2019 on the Honyaku mailing list about the installation of Mac dictionaries. A very useful posting was made by Christopher Frederick, so I have included it below.

September 2019

I did a bit more research and it looks like Mac users can create dictionaries using the Dictionary Development Kit, which should be included in any of the "Additional Tools for Xcode" packages available for download at (there also appears to be an unofficial mirror of the project on GitHub at ).

Anyway, once you've downloaded the Dictionary Development Kit, you should be able to generate a dictionary using the procedure documented at Though I still haven't tried it myself--and I expect that some of the file paths in the document will be out-of-date--this should at least point people in the right direction.

Hope this helps!