Jim's New Scull

(Click on the image to see a larger picture.)

Here are some pictures of my new scull. Actually it's about 10 years old. I bought it second-hand, and it's just back from being repaired (a "shoulder", i.e. shaped piece of wood inside the hull, has snapped and needed fixing.) The hull is made of carbon-fibre sheet in the middle 2/3 and fibre-glass for the rest. The whole boat weighs about 19kg. It's a bit of a swine to carry as it's not a comfortable shape.
[That was 2005. I sold the scull a couple of years later as the rowing club bought quite a few extra sculls and I decided it was silly to tie up a lot of capital in having one of my own.]
Here it is on trestles outside the Hawthorn Rowing Club clubhouse. I have just finished putting back the riggers (the metal struts out each side for the oars), the stretcher (the thing your feet strap onto) and the seat. This is the view from the stern end. And the view from the bow end.
The whole boat, taken from the balcony of the clubhouse. (Plus a bonus picture of my shadow.) A zoomed view of the working part.
And here it is in the water at the landing (Bridge Road bridge in the background.)