River and Water Resources Glossary

This file is an EDICT-format version of the  Ѹ콸 (River and Water Resources Glossary) compiled by the ݷߵѶ (Infrastructure Development Institute - Japan). The glossary was downloaded from the page at http://www.idi.or.jp/topics/kasen/kasen2.htm. The version used was the one marked "version 2004/5".

The original Excel file was converted to EDICT format, which involved:

  1. converting the UTF8 coding to EUC-JP;
  2. converting the reading fields to hiragana where they carried the reading of a kanji compound;
  3. removing the reading field in entries where there were no kanji;
  4. merging entries where the Japanese fields were the same.

In the course of the conversion a large number of errors were detected and corrected.

All enquiries about the contents of this file should be directed to the IDI.

Jim Breen
October 2004