Jim Breen's Ukiyo-E Gallery - Hokusai

Katsushika Hokusai is probably best known for his landscape pictures. By far his most famous works are his 36-picture set "Mt Fuji Views", produced in 1827. 10 supplementary prints were added over the following decade.

This is the famous "In the Hollow of a Wave off the Coast at Kanagawa", often known in the West as "The Wave". It is No. 1 in the series.

No. 44. Fuji from the Tea Plantation of Katakura in Suruga Province.

No. 35. Mount Fuji Reflected on Water at Misaka in Kai Province.
(Note, there is another version of this scene in Vol 13 of the "Hokusai Manga" collection.)

No. 19. In the Totomi Mountains.

No. 28. Tago Bay near Ejiri on the Tokaido (abridged view)

No. 9. Inume Pass in Kai Province.

No. 2. Mount Fuji in Clear Weather. This often also known as "Red Fuji".

No. 3. A Shower Below the Summit.

No. 45. Travellers Crossing the Oi River.

No. 16. Measuring a Pine Tree at Mishima Pass in Ko Province.

I am most grateful to John Boyd for permission to use his annotations for these images.

One "Fuji View" picture that is often included in collections of Ukiyo-E images is:

Hans Olof Johansson (secutor@bahnhof.se) has pointed out that this is actually by Hiroshige, from his "36 views of Fuji" series of prints. Furthermore, it is a distortion of the original, which is actually:

I also have a number of other Hokusai images, most of which are paintings rather than Ukiyoe. These can be found on my unclassified page.

Some that I have identified are:

The 1849 silk painting known as "the dragon on smoke escaping from Mt Fuji."

A silk fan painting "Balloon Flower."

Another colour on silk, called "Beauty with an umbrella under a willow".

This delightful watercolour is of a wagtail in a snowfall. Another image can be seen of it here.

Rafael Santos has also collected a short biograpical sketch of Hokusai.