Jim Breen's Ukiyo-E Gallery - Sharaku

Jim Breen's Ukiyo-E Gallery - Sharaku

Sharaku was a mysterious Noh actor, about whom little is known. In a burst of energy in 1794-5 he produced over 300 prints, mostly of other Kabuki and Noh actors.

(Muneshige Narazaki wrote "SHARAKU The Enigmatic Ukiyo-e Master", copyright 1983 in which he claims that Sharaku produced only 145 prints in 1794-1795 before being hounded out of the business by critics. Apparently his work did not meet the standards of the then contemporary art community.)

For a more information on Sharaku, see the Wikipedia Page.

This print is of the Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo IV in the role of Takemura Sadanoshin.

The 1794 print of Kabuki actor Otani Onji II in the role of Edobe, a servant.

The following images came from prints Mike Lodge (mlodge@concentric.net) received in Japan in 1969. He has identified them on page 46 of Narazaki's book. Both prints are reported to have been produced in July, 1794.

Arashi Ryuzo as the servant Ukiyo Matahei and Otani Hiroji III as the servant Tosa no Matahei.

Bando Hikosaburo III as Obiya Choemon and Iwai Hanshiro as Ohan of the Shinonoya.