Jim's Personal Toolbar Buttons

This page lists some of the Personal Toolbar Buttons I have been playing with. They are actually snippets of Javascript which call various dictionary functions I find useful.

To install any of these:

The Buttons - Dictionary Searching

Note: the WWWJDIC buttons below all point at the Monash WWWJDIC server. If you want buttons tailored for the other mirrors, I have a server which generates the appropriate buttons.

The following buttons allow for immediate searching for a word in a dictionary. They can work two ways:

  1. Clicking on the button will pop up a box in which you can enter the search key;
  2. Highlight the word or words on the page you are reading and click the button. The dictionary lookup or text glossing will proceed with the highlighted word.

NB: the reason for having different buttons for browsers such as Netscape, Mozilla and IE is that they do not support the same Javascript features. Also Javascript within Netscape 4 under Unix/Linux codes Japanese in EUC whereas Javascript within Netscape 4 under Windows codes it in Shift-JIS. Just to make life difficult, IE5 codes it in Unicode. With the later family of browsers such as Mozilla and Netscape 6+, the coding is taken from the current WWW page.

Other Buttons



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