WWWJDIC Advanced Search (Beta Version)

The WWWJDIC Advanced Search option is intended to provide a flexible multiple-search-key facility for selecting and displaying dictionary entries. It is loosely modelled on the advanced searching features in Google.

At present it allows users to put in up to three groups of one or more keys:


  1. as with all WWWJDIC searching, the keys are effectively wildcards. Using "list" will find "listing", "listless", etc.
  2. unlike other WWWJDIC searching, in this option all search terms must be in the dictionary. You will be alerted if you try to use one which is not there;
  3. search terms can include kana and kanji. Kana and non-Japanese terms will only match with the start of a term, whereas kanji will match an occurrence embedded in a longer term;
  4. be careful using search terms which can be found in many entries. The option is currently limited to 5,000 entries per search, beyond which results will be truncated. A maximum of 1,000 entries can be displayed. The display order is that of the dictionary selected;

Feedback welcome.

Jim Breen
October 2012