Jim Breen's Japanese Page - Request for Link

I get a lot of email from people wanting me either to add a link from my page to theirs, or suggesting a site which would be a useful addition to my page. My page is linked from a lot of other sites, and hence ranks highly in handling by Google and other search engines.

My approach to linking other people's pages is:

  1. in general I will only add links to sites which are particularly related to Japan or Japanese things.
  2. I don't usually have links to commercial sites unless either they sell Japanese-related software, books, art, services, etc. or unless they have some useful information about Japan for general readers and browsers.
  3. I don't "swap" or "exchange" links. If I think a site is worth it, I will add a link to it. If someone wants to link to me, they are welcome.
  4. there is no need to ask my permission to link to my page. Anyone can do that.

If you would like me to add a link, please use the following form, and take care to fill in all the details. And if you are notifying me of a site or package that uses the EDICT, KANJIDIC, etc. files, please make sure your have met the conditions stated on the licence page.

Please note that I no longer provide listings of translation agencies. There were too many and I was getting a lot of requests for additions and updates. I think the translation industry should be able to organize its own advertising channels.

Note that the information will be added automatically to a holding page which I convert to my main page after checking. This is because of the "link spam" problem in which some people keep inserting links to porn, gambling, etc. sites.) I will periodically review the new listings and edit them as I see fit.

Enter the following four digits to prove you are not a programmed spam linker:
(Failure to enter these digits will lead to your submission being ignored.)


Please select the section of my page where you would like the link placed.


Make sure you have the complete URL, including the "http://"

DESCRIPTION    (be sure to put the text you want as a link in square brackets)

Suggest a short description for the site. No more than two sentences and not too gushing. Blatant claims, e.g. the XXX Company is the best YYY, will be watered down. I'll probably edit it, but it would be nice to have some material to start with. Put the word or words you'd like to see turned into the hyperlink in square brackets, e.g. "the [Nihongo Dojo] page ..." in the first line of the description.


Real name, please. This is just for me to communicate with you.


The name you wish to be mentioned under on the WWW site. Leave blank if you want me to use your real name (above).


I will not release this to anyone. I need it to be able to correspond with you about your submission.