WWWJDIC Dictionary Codes

This is simply a list of codes in alpabetical order to help people search for them.

abbr	abbreviation
adj-f	noun or verb acting prenominally (other than adj-na, etc.)
adj-i	adjective (keiyoushi)
adj-kari	`kari' adjective (archaic)
adj-ku	`ku' adjective (archaic)
adj-na	adjectival nouns or quasi-adjectives (keiyodoshi)
adj-nari	archaic/formal form of na-adjective
adj-no	nouns which may take the genitive case particle ``no"
adj-pn	pre-noun adjectival (rentaishi)
adj-s	special adjective (e.g. ookii)
adj-shiku	`shiku' adjective (archaic)
adj-t	"taru" adjective
adv	adverb (fukushi)
adv-n	adverbial noun
adv-to	adverb taking the "to" particle
an	adjectival noun (keiyoudoushi)
anat	anatomical term
arch	archaism
archit	architecture term
astron	astronomy, etc. term
ateji	ateji reading
aux	auxiliary
aux-adj	auxiliary adjective
aux-v	auxiliary verb
baseb	baseball term
biol	biology term
bot	botany term
Buddh	Buddhist term
bus	business term
c	company name (ENAMDICT)
chem	chemistry term
chn	children's language
col	colloquialism
comp	computer terminology
conj	conjunction
ctr	counter
derog	derogatory word or expression
econ	economics term
eK	exclusively written in kanji
engr	engineering term
exp	Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.)
f	female given name (ENAMDICT)
fam	familiar language
fem	female term or language
finc	finance term
food	food term
g	given name, as-yet not classified by sex (ENAMDICT)
geol	geology, etc. term
geom	geometry term
gikun	gikun (meaning) reading
gram	grammatical term
h	full (family plus given) name of a person (ENAMDICT)
hob	Hokkaido-ben
hon	honorific or respectful (sonkeigo) language
hum	humble (kenjougo) language
id	idiomatic expression
ik	word containing irregular kana usage
iK	word containing irregular kanji usage
int	interjection (kandoushi)
io	irregular okurigana usage
iv	irregular verb
joc	jocular, humorous term
ksb	Kansai-ben
ktb	Kantou-ben
kyb	Kyoto-ben
kyu	Kyuushuu-ben
law	law, etc. term
ling	linguistics terminology
m	male given name (ENAMDICT)
m-sl	manga slang
MA	martial arts term
male	male term or language
male-sl	male slang
math	mathematics
med	medicine, etc. term
mil	military
music	music term
n	noun (common) (futsuumeishi)
n-adv	adverbial noun (fukushitekimeishi)
n-pr	proper noun
n-pref	noun, used as a prefix
n-suf	noun, used as a suffix
n-t	noun (temporal) (jisoumeishi)
nab	Nagano-ben
neg	negative (in a negative sentence, or with negative verb)
neg-v	negative verb (when used with)
num	numeral
o	organization name (ENAMDICT)
obs	obsolete term
obsc	obscure term
ok	out-dated or obsolete kana usage
oK	word containing out-dated kanji
on-mim	onomatopoeic or mimetic word
osb	Osaka-ben
p	place-name (ENAMDICT)
physics	physics terminology
pn	pronoun
poet	poetical term
pol	polite (teineigo) language
pr	product name (ENAMDICT)
pref	prefix
proverb	proverb
prt	particle
qv	quod vide (see another entry)
rare	rare
rkb	Ryukyuan language
s	surname (ENAMDICT)
sens	sensitive
Shinto	Shinto term
sl	slang
sports	sports term
st	station name (ENAMDICT)
suf	suffix
sumo	sumo term
thb	Touhoku-ben
tsb	Tosa-ben
tsug	Tsugaru-ben
u	as-yet unclassified name (ENAMDICT)
uk	word usually written using kana alone
uK	word usually written using kanji alone
v-unspec	verb unspecified
v1	Ichidan verb
v2a-s	Nidan verb with 'u' ending (archaic)
v2b-k	Nidan verb (upper class) with `bu' ending (archaic)
v2b-s	Nidan verb (lower class) with `bu' ending (archaic)
v2d-k	Nidan verb (upper class) with `dzu' ending (archaic)
v2d-s	Nidan verb (lower class) with `dzu' ending (archaic)
v2g-k	Nidan verb (upper class) with `gu' ending (archaic)
v2g-s	Nidan verb (lower class) with `gu' ending (archaic)
v2h-k	Nidan verb (upper class) with `hu/fu' ending (archaic)
v2h-s	Nidan verb (lower class) with `hu/fu' ending (archaic)
v2k-k	Nidan verb (upper class) with `ku' ending (archaic)
v2k-s	Nidan verb (lower class) with `ku' ending (archaic)
v2m-k	Nidan verb (upper class) with `mu' ending (archaic)
v2m-s	Nidan verb (lower class) with `mu' ending (archaic)
v2n-s	Nidan verb (lower class) with `nu' ending (archaic)
v2r-k	Nidan verb (upper class) with `ru' ending (archaic)
v2r-s	Nidan verb (lower class) with `ru' ending (archaic)
v2s-s	Nidan verb (lower class) with `su' ending (archaic)
v2t-k	Nidan verb (upper class) with `tsu' ending (archaic)
v2t-s	Nidan verb (lower class) with `tsu' ending (archaic)
v2w-s	Nidan verb (lower class) with `u' ending and `we' conjugation (archaic)
v2y-k	Nidan verb (upper class) with `yu' ending (archaic)
v2y-s	Nidan verb (lower class) with `yu' ending (archaic)
v2z-s	Nidan verb (lower class) with `zu' ending (archaic)
v4b	Yodan verb with `bu' ending (archaic)
v4g	Yodan verb with `gu' ending (archaic)
v4h	Yondan verb with `hu/fu' ending (archaic)
v4k	Yodan verb with `ku' ending (archaic)
v4m	Yodan verb with `mu' ending (archaic)
v4n	Yodan verb with `nu' ending (archaic)
v4r	Yondan verb with `ru' ending (archaic)
v4s	Yodan verb with `su' ending (archaic)
v4t	Yodan verb with `tsu' ending (archaic)
v5aru	Godan verb - -aru special class
v5b	Godan verb with `bu' ending
v5g	Godan verb with `gu' ending
v5k	Godan verb with `ku' ending
v5k-s	Godan verb - Iku/Yuku special class
v5m	Godan verb with `mu' ending
v5n	Godan verb with `nu' ending
v5r	Godan verb with `ru' ending
v5r-i	Godan verb with `ru' ending (irregular)
v5s	Godan verb with `su' ending
v5t	Godan verb with `tsu' ending
v5u	Godan verb with `u' ending
v5u-s	Godan verb with `u' ending (special class)
v5uru	Godan verb - Uru old class verb (old form of Eru)
v5z	Godan verb with `zu' ending
vi	intransitive verb
vk	Kuru verb - special class
vn	irregular nu verb
vr	irregular ru verb, plain form ends with -ri
vs	noun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru
vs-c	su verb - precursor to the modern suru
vs-i	suru verb - irregular
vs-s	suru verb - special class
vt	transitive verb
vulg	vulgar expression or word
vz	Ichidan verb - -zuru special class (alternative form of -jiru verbs)
X	rude or X-rated term (not displayed in educational software)
zool	zoology term