Online Japanese Dictionaries and Glossaries

This page is a collection of annotated links to online Japanese dictionaries. Please send me (Jim Breen) details of any other dictionaries to include, or of corrections to the information here.

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Servers using EDICT, JMdict, etc.

These servers use files from the EDICT/JMdict, KANJIDIC, etc. projects, plus others in the same format.

Other Servers (Free)
General Dictionaries (Japanese-English)
General Dictionaries (Japanese-Other Language)
Subject-specific Dictionaries
Commercial Servers

These servers are at for-subscription sites.

Dictionary Files

These are WWW-based word-lists without any specific server lookup capabilities, although a number have indices using the first letter or kana.


Link Collections

These pages consist of links to servers and glossary lists, some of which are already listed above.


These are pages which are waiting to be properly classified. You are welcome to explore them. (Feedback on these is welcome.)

Jim Breen
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November 2014