Audio Clips for EDICT Entries


Links to audio clips of entries spoken by Japanese native speakers are now available for most EDICT entries. Over 100,000 clips are available, and further clips are being added. We hope to have all the entries in EDICT covered soon.

The clips are provided by, (part of the Innovative Language Learning company) and are delivered from their server. The assistance of the good people at in providing this great enhancement to WWWJDIC is most welcome.

Enabling the Audio Clips

The audio clip option can be enabled/disabled using WWWJDIC's "Customize" page. For many users it will be enabled already, however if you have used the customization feature already (and set a "cookie" in your browser) you will probably have to go to the Customize page and enable the option.

Where there is a clip available for an entry, a play button will appear at the start of the entry. Clicking on this button will install the player object and download and play the clip. It also provides a link to a lesson about the word (if available) on the JapanesePod101 site.

If you do not wish to use the audio clips and prefer not to have the play button on the page, simply go to the Customize page and disable the option.

Technical Issues

The clips are in MP3 format and WWWJDIC uses the small "dewplayer" program to play them. Dewplayer uses routines in the Adobe Flash Player browser plug-in. You will need to have this installed with your browser to access the clips.

The facility has been tested successfully with a wide range of browsers and operating systems, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Chrome. There is no guarantee that it will work with all browser/OS combinations. In general if you are able to listen to MP3 files from other sites, you should be able to hear the clips.

Known Problems

One known problem has been identified with the Opera browser. If you return to a page which has one or more clips that have already been played, the clips may play again - simultaneously! (In other browsers the clips will have reverted to an unplayed state.)


As ever I am interested in feedback. Feel free to contact me on jimbreen_at_gmail_dot_com. Please appreciate that I am not really able to help if you are having a problems playing clips.

Jim Breen
April 2009