WWWJDIC Translation Aid

Welcome to a page which helps you translate Japanese text from a WWW page.

Type or paste the URL of the page containing Japanese text in the box below and click on GO!. You will then be transferred to a screen where there are two frames: one containing that page, and the other containing the WWWJDIC word-translation screen. You will be able to paste text directly from the page into the WWWJDIC text box. (Note that the URL must have the http:// at the front, or it will not work.)


You can access the word-translation facility directly from a Japanese WWW page without typing the URL by installing the following link on your toolbar or as a Bookmark: WWWJTRANSAID. Under Windows, press your mouse left-button without releasing it on the hyperlink, drag it and drop it onto the toolbar. Whenever you are viewing a Japanese Web page, you may press the button to transfer it immediately to this interface! If dragging and dropping the link does not work (e.g. under Linux), then use your right button on the link to create a new bookmark of the URL, and place it in your Personal Toolbar Folder. (*)

If you wish to try out this system with some pages of Japanese text, select one from the list below and click on the GO! below the list.

(*) (Thanks to Thierry Bezecourt, who showed me this neat trick.)