Jim Breen's Ukiyo-E Gallery - After Hokusai

Jim Breen's Ukiyo-E Gallery - After Hokusai

A friend of mine, Rebecca Paluzzi, is a professor of flute at East Tennessee State University, where she directs the Suzuki Studies Program. She asked me if I could help identify the prints which are associated with the movements of the piece "After Hokusai" by the composer Carey Blighton. The movements are:
  1. Cormorant in the Snow
  2. Carp in a Waterfall
  3. Azaleas and Cuckoo
  4. Peonies and Butterfly
  5. Frog on an old Tile
I found the following in Volume 1 - Kachou (flowers & birds) of the 5 volume "Hokusai Bijutsukan" published by Shueisha in 1990 (in Japan).

The first is really "Cormorant on a Rock", but I am sure it fits the spirit. The remainder appear to be the correct pictures.

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Cormorant in the Snow

Carp in a Waterfall

Azaleas and Cuckoo

Peonies and Butterfly

Frog on an old Tile

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