Jim Breen's Ukiyo-E Gallery

Welcome to my (not very quickly) growing library of Ukiyo-E images and related information.

Last updated: 15 February 2010

(Please note that I do not buy or sell ukiyo-e or any other Japanese art, nor do I appraise Japanese prints. I am totally ignorant about art dealers in the US.

Also, while I'd like to help people identify artists of works, it usually takes a lot of time, and I am afraid I have none to spare. Please try elsewhere. I cannot advise you who to approach, as I simply do not know anyone outside my own city. If you live near a large gallery, you may get some useful advice from a curator. Also a knowledgeable art dealer may be of help, but don't expect too much free advice. There are many many books available.

Emailed requests about any of the above will usually be ignored.)

You may be interested in my short manifesto on copyright and copying.

Displays in My Gallery

If you want the complete files to display, you can click on the small versions. You can then save the images from within xv or whatever external viewer you use.

The following artists are represented in my gallery:

You might like to see a page of 5 Hokusai prints I set up using the pictures on which Carey Blighton's flute solo After Hokusai is based.
An interesting book is the Impressions of Ukiyo-ye, the school of the Japanese colour-print artists, printed in 1905.
Something different. Brian Chandler has some Hokusai jigsaw puzzles among others on his site.

My List Of Other WWW Galleries.

First is Hans Olof's link collection, which is by far the best maintained of the WWW-based connections. If you visit just one site, this is it. Other excellent WWW collections, many of which include Ukiyoe, are:

Visit a Printmaker

David Bull is a woodblock printmaker, who has prepared a fascinating WWW site explaining his art. He is preparing a major reproduction of Shunsho's famous 100-print "Hyaku-nin Isshu". Well worth a visit.

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